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Year 2

Year 2 is the second year in Key Stage 1. This means that most children will have their seventh birthday in Year 2.

These are the themes through Year 2:

All this learning is fun and challenging. We try to do as much learning through enquiries as we can. This means that the adults provide opportunities, equipment and resources so that the children can explore and find out for themselves. We enjoy using TASC which means we work together in small groups to think, plan, investigate and solve problems.

The children in Year 2 are taught how to develop their speaking and listening skills so that they are able to talk with confidence. They are encouraged to lead whole-school worships throughout the year. Some of the Year 2 children also lead the Christmas Nativity Service at St Guthlac Church.

During Year 2, the children learn, grow and change in many ways. They always enjoy looking back through their books to see how much progress they have made since the start of Year 2. Adults encourage the children to take pride in themselves and in their work. We love celebrating success in Year 2 and you will often hear the children applauding their friends for their effort or achievement.

Year 2 children are also encouraged to become more independent. This means that they are expected to take care of their own P.E. kit and painting apron, get ready before and after P.E. without guidance (yes, even the buckles and laces on shoes!) and hand in their reading books when they are ready to be changed. We always keep our classroom clean and tidy, take care of our equipment and present the work in our exercise books as smartly as we can.

Here are some things the children say about being in Year 2:

  • I like my friends because they treat me nicely.
  • I like R.E. because it was good when we made bird feeders out of pine cones.
  • I like science because we did a test for germs.
  • I like maths because we count really big numbers.
  • I like maths because we worked out how to pay for toys.
  • I like geography because we get to draw maps.
  • I like P.E. because we skip sometimes.
  • I like history because we learn about the past.
  • I like I.T. because we made programs for Daisy the Dinosaur.
  • I like I.T. because we get to play with the carbots (programmable robots.)
  • I like English because we do beautiful handwriting.
  • In English we read about Australia. We found out it was winter here and summer in Australia.
  • I liked it when we learnt about Australia and found out about all the animals.
  • I like being star of the day because you make a new friend.
  • I like my friends because they smile at me.