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Year 6

In Year 6, children enjoy a greater level of responsibility across the school.  We look to our oldest children to be good examples to the rest of the children and we are so proud of the way they take this responsibility seriously. We are actively involved in the mini-police programme, and all of our children are fully trained playground leaders. Throughout the year there is also the opportunity for several children to become Bronze Sports Ambassadors

We believe in creating a fun, safe and engaging learning atmosphere in which all of the children feel valued and able to learn. It is extremely important to us that all of our Year 6 children enjoy their last year with us and are motivated to try and achieve their full potential in everything that they do, becoming confident, independent learners who are secondary school ready.

Over the course of the year we will look at several different topics. These include: Spies and Undercover Agents, Rivers and Watery Worlds, The Frozen Kingdom, My Wonderful Body and Ancient Civilizations focussing specifically on Ancient Greece. In Term 6 we reflect upon all that has been and what is yet to come as our young people prepare for moving to secondary education.

We also have several outings and events that happen during our year.  We have two main educational visits that happen on alternate years; a residential visit to Norfolk in the summer term and the following year we visit The Globe Theatre and The Houses of Parliament in London.  In addition, we attend the Church Schools Festival at Lincoln Cathedral.  Year 6 children also take the major roles in the big end of year production, something to look forward to after SATS!