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Year 3

Welcome to Year Three. This year is an important milestone as we move from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2. We learn to become more independent by being responsible for our own belongings, changing our reading books and bringing our homework in on time.

Our first topic of the year is ‘World War Two’ which we compare and contrast with World War One and look how the lives of children were affected. We explore how our bodies work in our next topic ‘Funny Bones’ and find out about our skeletons and muscles and how to keep healthy.

In the Spring term we learn about rocks and soil. We investigate different rocks and their uses and examine soil samples. Then we go back in the past to the Stone Age and explore how the Old Stone Age transformed to the New Stone Age, then through the Bronze to the Iron Age.

Summer term starts with our study of plants with the topic ‘Jack and the Beanstalk', then moves on to the study of light and shadows.  Finally we explore the human and physical features of our historical town Stamford.

We try to be as creative as we can by using a variety of materials and techniques to express ourselves and make our topics as cross curricular as we can. We use art, drama and music in different ways to do this. Everyone is valued and respected in our class and we love to share our ideas and work together as a team.