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Year 2

Being in Class 2 is fun and challenging.  We are the final infant class and we try to be role models for all the younger children in Nursery, Reception and Year 1.  We take responsibility for our own possessions.  We make an effort to complete and hand in our homework on time.  We learn how to get ready before and after swimming and P.E. without guidance.  We always keep our classroom clean and tidy and take care of our books and equipment.  We also lead the Christmas Carol Service at St Guthlac Church.  Year 2 is a time when many of us will develop quickly in our learning.  So we always enjoy looking back through our books and seeing how much progress we have made.  We always take pride in ourselves and our work and we love to celebrate our achievements.

Some of the things children said about being in Year 2:

Come to Class 2 because it is great for your children to learn and it is a happy place to be.

Class 2 is fun because we create brilliant things and some of them go on display.

I like Class 2 because we do the most fun things every day.

I like the Special Box because we get to show people our special toys!

My favourite thing is Star of the Day.  It is very exciting.  I am Star of the Day today!

Our friends are good.  You can ask them for help.

In Class 2 we are responsible for our own things.

I love maths because I love to do sums.

I like Year 2 because we do English.  I’m really good at sentences now!